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"Our Father" Prayer Points

    1. Thank the Lord for everything. For life, health, strength, protection, provisions, safe keeping, job, house, car, family, friends, church.
    2. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Even when we doubt Him, He still keeps His promises in our lives.
    3. Ask the Lord for cleansing. I John 1:9. Ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to help us let go of any grudges even as He forgives our mistakes.
    4. Ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins. Sin of doubt.
    5. Ask the Lord to forgive us for turning to other people or sources for answers instead of looking toward Him as our Father indeed.
    6. John 15:13 Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. Ask your Father to give you more understanding into just how big, great, mighty, wonderful, and loving He is.
    7. Fathers look out for and protect their children. Thank the Lord for protecting you thus far and ask Him to shield you against every plan from hell.
    8. Fathers provide for their children. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness in the area of provisions and ask Him to increase you on all sides.
    9. Pray that whatever will make you offend your Heavenly Father, that the Lord will help you stay far away from it.
    10. Fathers defend their children. The Bible calls God the Lord of Hosts meaning Lord of an army and we know His army is an army of angels. Let’s ask the Lord to be our defender, to fight for us in every physical and spiritual battle we are currently facing.
    11. Our Father is a creator. He used His mouth to speak things into existence. As His children we have the same authority so we’re going to utilize this to speak wonderful things into our lives. So we’re going to declare the Word of God into our lives. The Bible says that He will make our way prosperous and give us good success. Declare that you will be successful in all your endeavors (school, work, business, ministry, etc.)
    12. The Lord said in His word “I am the Lord who heals.” Healing is not limited to physical healing (emotional, financial, business, etc.) Begin to declare healing in every aspect of your life.
    13. The Bible says that we are to do according to all that is in the book of the law. Declare that you will live a life that is holy, acceptable, and pleasing to the Lord.
    14. Declare that you will live and not die to declare the works of the Lord.
    15. Bless His Holy name for hearing your prayers. Thank Him in advance for answers.