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The Power of Praying and Fasting Part II

Welcome back dear friends! We will now look at a second reason for the need to pray and fast:
2.    Fasting promotes discipline in the things of the Lord.
But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection…” I Corinthians9:27
In this passage, Paul describes the importance of self-control in our Christian walk. Many modern day Christians write off the need to fast not because they don’t know that we were instructed to do so by our Lord Jesus, but because they do not want to suffer the inconvenience and discomfort of restraining themselves from eating. But do not be fooled, fasting is not only an instruction from the Word of God, but it is also one way to demonstrate to yourself that nothing else in your life is more important to you than your walk with God. Honestly, if you can control your appetite for food, you will better be able to control your appetite for sin.
The second half of the passage we are looking at above says the body must be brought into subjection, meaning it must be dominated. The dominion over the flesh is what will allow the spirit man (The Holy Spirit of God) within every true follower of Christ to operate to the fullest. If you cannot go hungry when there is a need for praying and fasting then your belly is your god. The same goes for many different things; if you cannot go without a certain television show then it has become your god. If you cannot go without a daily dose of alcohol/cigarettes then indeed these things have become your god. So brethren, we can see that we were called by Jesus Christ to fast and not just for fasting sake but for the uprising of the operation of the Holy Spirit within us.
Part III to follow.